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look看的动作/ see看的结果;watch观察;observe为了研究进行的观察;notice注意;catch sight of看见;stare好奇地看; glare瞪着看;Glance瞅见;glimpse瞥见 see a film;watch TV


telll sth to sb.=tell sb sth告诉的内容; talk with sb about sth强调说话者之间的交流; say sth诉说的内容;speak in English说的语言 whisper sth to sb 耳语;Inform sb of sth 通知某人某事;reason /talk/persuade sb into doing sth 说服某人做某事;Bargain讨价还价;chat聊天;repeat重复;explain解释;warn警告; remind提醒; discuss 讨论;debate辩论;figure指出;declare宣布;claim自称;mention 提起;admit承认;deny 否绝;describe描述; announce公布; introduce介绍;complain抱怨


cry哭叫;call叫;shout大喊;scream尖叫;moan呻吟;sigh叹气 quarrel大吵


ask 询问 interview 采


访 express表达;question审问



6、 “听”

listen to听的动作;hear听的结果;pick up收听;overhear无意听到


dictate听写;write sth 写 describe描写;drop a line 写信 draw画

take down/write down写下,记下


take拿走;bring拿来;hold举着;carry扛,挑 (无方向性) fetch拿来拿去;lift举;Put放 lay 铺/放置;pull拉/push推


take hold of 抓着 seize紧抓;grasp 握住;scratch 抠


hit一次性的打击;beat不间断的打击;strike突然的击打/突然想到;blow吹刮 ;attack攻击


throw扔;drop掉 放弃 错过;fall 倒下无意掉下来;wave 招手;shake摇


send寄送; deliver递送;give给;offer 主动给予;see off给某人送行


touch摸 ;fold折叠;embrace拥抱;hug抱;hold 握


kick踢;knock敲;tip 轻敲


walk走; run跑; climb爬; jump跳; skip 单腿跳; slip溜; come/go enter进入; move搬迁; drive开车; ride 骑;fly 飞 ; crawl 匍匐前进


sit down / be seated /seat oneself 坐下; take a seat/ stand站,耸立/ lean斜靠


lie /on one’s back/ on one side/ on one’s stomach stay in bed have a rest

take a nap打盹 be asleep bend turn over翻身 rest


smile 微笑(不出声); laugh /burst into laughter / burst out laughing 笑


cry / burst into tears /burst out crying

shed tears 留泪; weep呜咽地哭; sob抽泣;



find找到; look for正在找过程; find out查明; discover/explore 发现/探索;hunt for / search for / seek / seek for / in search of寻找;Search sb 搜身 ; search sp. for sth 为某物而搜寻某地;Check检查,核实 ; examine 考察发现问题/体检; test检测,检验; inspect视察


put on 动作; wear穿戴; have on试穿; be dressed in 穿的状态; make-up化装; get changed换衣服; be in red;身穿红衣服 take off 脱; remove 去除


eat/drink; sip吮吸; have a meal 吃饭;have supper吃晚饭; toast 喝酒;taste treat sb to请某人吃;help oneself to 随便吃


get / obtain/ acquire获得知识和技能;gain/possess


lose 丢了; be lost /be missing人错过失踪,不见; gone不见(物;) get lost走丢; die off相继死去; die away 逐渐消失


have 有; own是自己的 ; conquer征服; occupy占有=possess



nothing left; the remaining thing;disappear; be missing /gone丢了,不见了



rise / go up /drop ; 人主动抬价 raise /bring down /reduce increase/decrease


buy /purchase / afford / pay / pay off/ pay for / sell / on sale / bargain

Bill / cheque / cash/ credit card notes/ coins discounts


come into being / exist / appear / survive / live / show / turn up

disappear / die / die out / pass away / be out of sight


develop / improve / become / grow / go+ bad /wrong/ sour /without( negative adj.)

turn + colour

change /change into


31 认识的过程

feel sense guess suppose wonder doubt know /learn realize

Understand remember be familiar with recall recite apply to

32 成功/失败

make it succeed make progress come true realize one’s dream win

Lose fail to do failure defeat suffer loss beat turn sth. Into reality

33 努力

try /manage make efforts attempt do ones best do as much as one can to do

34 祝贺

congratulations on sb celebrate observe 庆祝 get together 聚会

35 赞美/批评

praise think highly of / blame sb for sth/ sb is to blame

criticize /scold sb. for sth. have a low opinion of sb Speak ill of

36 喜/恶

like love be fond of be keen on be crazy about adore be into prefer enjoy in favor of Dislike hate be awful/disgusting ignore turn off

37 判断

think believe consider find feel conclude infer doubt

38 到达

arrive at reach return to get to stay in sp visit leave leave for

on one’s way to upon one’s arrival on doing sth

39 受伤

hurt injured wound cut kill drown bleed get burnt suffer from suffer a loss

40 损坏

damage destroy ruin break down be broken crash


repair rebuild restore fix recover oneself


agree disagree accept receive refuse turn down

be against elect vote for/ against

43 做饭

cook wash cut chop boil fry steam make mix clean brush cover uncover cooker

44 建议

advise suggest recommend urge propose demand persuade 说服

45 花费

sth/doing sth+cost sb+spend+ in doing sth Sb+afford +n/to do sth

It +take some time/ money/energy +to do sth sb+ pay+$ for sth. at one’s expense

46 省/存钱

save /save up set aside put away spare no effort/ time

47 参加

take part in join /join in attend compete in/ for/against

48 控告

accuse sb. of charge sb. With

49 救治

help /help out save /rescue sb from sth. Treat过程 / cure 结果sb. Of sth

Aid sb in doing sth / to do sth help sb with sth assist sb in doing sth

50 敬佩

admire respect show respect for/to adore envy /be jealousy in honor of



vacation holiday spring break ask for leave be on holiday have two days off


trip journey tour voyage travel tourist passenger go camping/picnicking/hiking


clerk secretary passer-by friend minister manager waitress guest host hostess

Assistant customer adult neighbor relative patient /vet staff crew nurse teacher

Conductor tailor sailor inventor gardener guard


inn旅店 restaurant kitchen menu bill order tip fork and knife reserve /book table Taste delicious salad dash vegetables fruit tray 茶盘 napkin


clinic hospital take one's temperature take medicine/pills have a fever/flu/headache doctor physician surgeon specialist patient


airport on board miss the train/bus catch a train meet sb.


arm head hair brain waist back shoulder pulse wrist


will courage patience determination faith effort confidence ambition energy


talent gift ability potential intelligent promising smart stupid careful proud

Strict honest cold serious easy-going learned knowledgeable


advantage disadvantage strength weakness

11、目标 aim goal intention purpose belief faith

12、方式 means method way manner approach

13、身体素质 strong weak pale sick ill be well keep slim/ fit cut weight/put on weight

14、图表 photo picture graph drawing table line/bar graph pie chart draw a sketch 划草图

15、文章 reading translation essay poem paper novel/fiction article magazine newspaper journal 日志 diary日记 Files form make a list of

16、课堂 class course lecture example reason message notes words phrase scholarship degree Subject question trouble difficulty grades read comment marks

17 、学校活动 match game activity hold a meeting /debate /speech/ ceremony

18、 建议/观点 advice suggestion idea proposal view recommandation

19 、气候/天气 climate weather storm windy cloudy rainy snow hot/cold/freezing/heat/warmth

20 、交通 by train/bus /boat bike on the train/bus /a bike drive a car ride a bike give sb. a lift/ride

21 、习惯 habit custom get used to regular有规律的(形容词) practice惯例(名词)

22 、感觉 sight hearing touch smell sense

23、 情感 feeling emotion anger delight sadness sorrow

24 、财富 money possessions wealth belongings fortunes treasure diamond be rich/well-off

25 、运动比赛 on the playground on the track and filed pitch event game match sports player Coach judge jogging weightlifting play volleyball/soccer/

26 、衣服 clothes, cloth, clothing clothes统指各种衣服,谓语动词永远是复数, cloth指布,为不可数名词 clothing 服装的总称,指一件衣服用a piece of, an article of

27、事件 incident, accident incident指小事件, accident指不幸的事故



1 be known as/be famous as作为……而闻名

be known for因……而出名

be known to为……所知

be known by凭……而知

The hill is known for the temple.

LuXun is known to us as a writer.

One can be known by his words and deeds.

2.be married to与……结婚

She is married to a musician

3.be tired of/with对……厌烦

He is tired of/with this kind of life.

=He is bored with this kind of life.

4.be terrified at被……吓一跳

He is terrified at the snake.

5.be burdened with负重

He is burdened with a heavy load.

6.be crowded with挤满

The shop is crowded with people.

7.be dressed in穿着

She is dressed in red.

8.be experienced in对……有经验

He is experienced in mending bikes.

9.be equipped with装备

They are equipped with guns and food.

10.be furnished with提供,布置

They are furnished with enough food.

11.be engaged in sth从事,忙于(=be busy with sth)

He has been engaged in writing novels.

12.be engaged to与……订婚

My daughter is engaged to a nice doctor.

13.be about to do sth.正要做……

I was just about to go swimming when our guide saw me and stopped me.

14.be fit to do/be fit for胜任;适合于

He is fit to do the work.

These books are not fit for children.

15.be worth doing值得做……

The film is worth seeing again.

16.be proud of以……而自影骄傲

I am proud of being a Chinese.

17.be used to sth./doing sth.习惯于……

My grandpa is not used to living in the noisy city

18.be content to do sth./with… 甘愿于干……;满足于……

I am content with your work this time.

19.be content with对……感到满意

You should be content with what you have

20.be up to应由……,轮到……

It's up to her to answer the question.

21.be meant/intended for打算给,打算用作

Is this valuable painting meant for me?

22.be connected with与……有联系

He was also connected with the government.

23.be crazy about对……狂热

Many young people are crazy about Hip-Hop.


1.come into…进入……状态

come into being(事物、局面等)产生;形成

The custom came into being long long ago.

2.come along过来;快点

Come along! It’s nearly eight o'clock.

3.come out出来;出版

How did the printing come out?

4.come true实现

I am sure your dream will come true one day.

5.come back to life苏醒过来

When the wounded soldier came back to life,he found himself in hospital.

6.come to the point说到要点,触及问题实质

7.come about发生,造成

The event came about as he had predicted it.

8.come across碰见

You’re the most beautiful woman I've ever come across.

同义词组:run across

I came across an old friend in the street.

9.come to all end结束

Your duties here have come to an end.

10.come to light为人所知,显露

The robbery didn’t come to light until the next day

11.come up with提出,想出

He came up with a new suggestion


1.do well in在某方面做得好

My cousin is a sailor and he is doing very well in the navy

2.do good to对……有好处

Doing morning exercises will do good to your health.

3.do harm to对……有害处

Too much noise does harm to our health.

4.do with处理

What did you do with our goods?

5.do sb.a favour帮某人的忙

Will you do me a favour to carry it upstairs?

6.do up系纽扣;梳理

Look,your bottom isn’t done up.

do up one’s hair梳理头发


1.get in touch with同……取得联系

2.get up起床

He gets up very early every day.

3.get back回来;取回

1 will get back next weekend.

4.get on上车

You shouldn’t get on the bus until it has stopped completely

5.get over克服;度过

You’ll soon get over these difficulties.

6.get off下车

The bus stopped and the passengers got off.

7.Get together相聚

We should go to a restaurant to get together.

8.get on/along well with与……相处融洽

I am getting on well with my classmates.

9.get into进人;陷入

Don’t get into the habit of smoking.

10.get into trouble陷入麻烦

11.get in a word插话

12.get rid of除掉

We aye doing our best to get rid of pollution.

13.get through通过;接通;完成;经历

I tried to telephone you but I couldn’t get through.

I will be with you as soon as I get through this work

14.get to到达

He had to get to the other side of street to attend a meeting

15.get about/around/round传开,传出去

The news of the disaster soon get about.

16.get across使理解

The teacher tried to explain the problem,but the explanation did not get across to the class.

17.get away离开

I was in a meeting and couldn’t get away.

18.get down to(doing)sth.安心做,开始认真干

You must get down to your studies this year.


1.have a word with sb.和某人说句话

Could you spare a few minutes? I want to have a word with

2.have words with争吵

They’ve had words with her about money.

3.have(deep)effects on对……有(深远)影响

The book has great effects on his life.

4.have difficulty in/find difficulty in/have trouble in 做……有困难

We have/find difficulty in writing the composition.

We have trouble in writing the composition.


1.keep on doing sth.继续或反复做某事

Marx kept on studying English and using it when he lived in London.

2.keep up坚持

Keep up your courage and you will succeed.

3.keep up with跟上

She can’t keep up with others.

4.keep back保留;阻止;隐瞒;拒留

She was in deep sorrow。but she kept back her tears.

5.keep away from远离

Keep children away from fire.

6.keep out of使……不进入

In the ancient time, the Great Wall was built in order to keep enemy out of country.

7.keep one’s word遵守诺言

I am sure you will keep your word.

8.keep in touch with与……保持联系

We have kept in touch with each other by writing letters.

9.keep silent保持沉默

He kept silent.about the matter.

10.keep/prevent/stop...from doing sth.制止(防止)……做某事

The heavy rain kept us from going out.

11.keep off使……远离

Please keep off the grass.


1.knock at敲(门、窗等)

Yon should knock at the door before coming in.

2.knock down撞倒

They make sure the cows not knock the young trees down or eat the leaves..

3.knock off撞掉下来

A child ran into the street and knocked the woman off her bicycle.

4.knock about连续打击/碰撞,漂泊,闲逛

He has knocked about all over Asia.

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  • Helen大家好,欢迎收听


    BBC 英语教学的《你问我答》节目,我是 Helen。每集节目中,我们都会回答大家在英语学习时遇到的一个问题。本期的问题来自 Ray。让我们来听一下。


    May I know what the difference is between inverted, upside down and Reverse? I’m very confused about them. Thanks.

    Helen 谢谢 Ray 的提问。Inverted、upside down 和 reverse 这三个词作为形容词时,都有“颠倒的,倒着的”的含义。那么它们的不同之处在哪里呢?接下来几分钟内我们就一起来探讨。



    Scientists have discovered that Japanese rice fish can’t recognise inverted faces.


    The word order in this question is inverted. That’s why you couldn’t understand it.你没弄懂的原因是因为在在这个疑问句里,词序是颠倒的。

    Helen我们再来看看词组“upside down”,它的意思和“inverted”非常相似,是我们生活中使用频率极高的一个词组。作为形容词时,形容物体的位置“倒过来,头朝下”;它也可以是副词,修饰句子中的主要动词。请听例句。


    Could you turn the sculpture round the other way? It’s upside down.

    你能把雕塑转向另一边吗?它现在颠倒了。此处 “upside down”是形容词。

    The Chinese character ‘fu’ means good fortune, especially when displayed upside


    down.中文里的“福”字有幸运的意思,尤其是倒挂着的时候。此处“upside down”是副词。

    Helen另外我们经常会用“turn somewhere upside down”来表达“把什么地方翻个底朝天”或“弄得乱七八糟的,混乱不堪”。请听例句:


    I don't think you'll find your wedding ring even if you turn the place upside down.


    Ada had turned my world upside down.我的世界被爱达搞得混乱不堪。



    These coins have a crowned lion on their reverse.


    Helen“Reverse”作为名词时的另外一个含义是指“相反的情况,对立面”,如短语“in reverse”的意思是“按相反顺序,朝相反方向”。请听例句。



    I thought


    that Jane would be happier once Peter was home, but in fact the reverse is true.


    The engine can’t stop until you repeat the same procedures, but in reverse.你只有反向重复同样的程序,才能关掉发动机。



    When you put the car into reverse, the car will go backwards.




    The new CEO hoped to reverse the decline in the company's fortunes.


    People are calling on the council to reverse its earlier decision.人们正在要求地方政府推翻之前他们做出的决定。



    We are counting the numbers in reverse order, from 20 to 0.


    Exercise is good, but if you do too much, it


    can have a reverse effect on your health.锻炼对身体健康是很有益的,但是过度锻炼反而会起反作用。

    Helen最后,让我们来简单回顾一下:“inverted”,正式用语,多用于“结构颠倒的”、“前后倒置的”;“upside down”,通常形容事物“倒过来,头朝下”,引申含义:“翻得乱七八糟”;“reverse”,既是是名词也是动词还可以做形容词,在做形容词时表示“反方向,反顺序的”或“有相反作用的”。

    再次感谢 Ray 提出的问题。如果你在英语学习中遇到疑问,欢迎和我们联系。问题可以发送到 questions.chinaelt@bbc.co.uk。你也可以通过微博“BBC英语教学”联系我们。谢谢收听本集《你问我答》节目,我是 Helen。下次节目再见!


  • 形容词:



    able,ible: comfortable 舒适的,terrible 可怕的

    al,ical: national 国家的,chemical 化学的

    ant: important 重要的

    ary:ordinary 平常的

    en:wooden 木制的

    ent: different 不同的

    ful:beautiful 美丽的

    ish:foolish 愚蠢的

    ive:expensive 昂贵的

    less :hopeless 没有希望的

    ly: lovely 可爱的

    ous,ious,famous 著名的,serious:严肃的

    some:handsome 英俊的

    y:angry 生气的



    Money alone cannot create


    fortune 钱本身不能创造财富


    I know something interesting 我知道一些有趣的事情


    He is a worker worthy of praise 他是一个值得表扬的工人


    He has many books, blue and red 他有许多书,有蓝的和红的

    5,有数量词短语做定语时,At that time he was only a boy five years old 那时,她只是一个五岁的小男孩。

    6,有enough +名词的时候

    He has enough money他有足够的钱


    He is tall enough 他是足够的高


    1,the present situation 目前的形势, the people present 在场的人,

    2,the general idea 中心意思, the secretary general 秘书长

    3,an involved problem 一个棘手的问题, the topics involved 相关的话题

    4,the given time 特定的时间,the time given 给予的时间

    5,a responsible person 一个负责的人,the person responsible 负责人

    6,the concerned parents 忧心忡忡的父母,the problem concerned 有关的问题

    7,a proper arrangement 适当的安排,the problem


    proper 问题本身



    I bought two nice big round new brown Chinese wooden dining table 我买了两张新的漂亮的棕色的中式木制圆餐桌。


    right 正确的,wrong 错误的,excellent 最好的,final 最后的,last 最后的,possible 可能的



    第一的,east 东方的,empty 东方的,impossible 不可能的,wooden 木制的,favorite最喜欢的。

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